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Our Vision


The primary aim of Helping Hands for Education is to improve the quality of education deprived children receive by giving them access to better educational resources, thereby helping them to reach their true potential and have better life chances. Our work is centred in the city of Ogbomosho in south-western Nigeria, the home town of our founder and chairman, where we are working to establish an educational hub from which local schools can access the resources they need to deliver a higher standard of education to children.


Educational Resource Centre

Technology is ever changing and equipping today’s children for modern working life is an essential part of our aims. Helping Hands for Education has started fundraising to establish an educational resource centre comprising:

  • A central hub for the loan of sets of textbooks (especially science, mathematics and IT) to local schools so their pupils can have the chance of a better education and a brighter future;
  • A well-stocked public lending and reference library with reading rooms and an IT suite;
  • Well-equipped, secure classrooms and science laboratories that local schools can access on a rotational basis to deliver specialist lessons;
  • A hall that can be used for multiple purposes including adult education and well-being classes, teacher training, sport and community events.


Educational Hub


Funded entirely by donations, Helping Hands for Education collects surplus books from UK schools and ships them to Ogbomosho to make them available to local schools. To date, we have sent over 20,000 text books to Nigeria. However, the local schools are so poorly equipped, with no shelving, no locks on doors and often no windows, that it has not yet been possible to distribute the books for use. 

Helping Hands for Education is raising money to build a central hub as a repository for these donated textbooks from which local schools will be able to withdraw enough textbooks for a class, use these and return them later for other schools to borrow, thus reaching thousands of children with fewer resources.


Lending Library and IT Suite

In addition to school textbooks, Helping Hands for Education has been collecting and shipping books to stock the public reference and lending library that will also form part of the educational resource centre. Among our plans is the establishment of an IT suite to give the local community Internet access and promote computer literacy. To this end, we are soliciting donations of computer equipment to equip the suite.


Classrooms and Laboratories


One of our objectives is to include classroom and laboratory facilities within the educational resource centre for the use of local schools on a rotational basis to deliver practical lessons in those subjects that require specialist equipment.  


School improvements


In the long term, Helping Hands for Education aims to support local schools through an improvement programme. This would include replacing missing windows and doors, providing secure storage for books and equipment, drilling boreholes to provide schools with fresh water and building sanitary blocks where required.


Helping Hands for Education aims to complete all its work through donations and time generously given by people like you. We have no paid employees or staff. No contribution is too small. If you believe you can help, contact us. We would love to hear from you.